24option Review

The  the next broker we review today is 24option.com

24option began making waves immediately after going live just two years ago and has never stopped upgrading its services since. The announcement that 24option was to become the third online brokerage service to offer bitcoin CFDs trading really came as no surprise – the bitcoin is all about innovation and advancement, as is 24option. The future of the bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, has never looked more promising – particularly for those looking to get in the action as early as possible.

The reason 24option chose to lead the market with bitcoin CFD trading is, in its own words, the extreme volatility of BTC. Bitcoin represents the world’s very first fully global digital currency and brings with it the start of a revolution that’s set to change binary options trading once and for all. Having picked up on the potential the currency has for traders at all levels, 24option has become the second top-five binary options broker to offer it as a tradable asset.

To put the idea of bitcoin trading into perspective, the debt crisis in Europe saw the value of the bitcoin drop to just $10,000. Then, earlier this year, the currency hit an all-time high of $20,000 per coin, meaning plenty of investors got very rich indeed. Like all industry professionals the world over, though, 24option is fully aware that the bitcoin phenomenon could, of course, prove to be temporary and is, therefore, making the unique opportunity to invest and make trade available to all of its members right now.
Other Assets
Along with bitcoin CFD trading, 24option maintains an enviable variety of tradable assets covering multiple currency pairs, indices, stocks, and commodities. At the time of writing, traders can choose from 43 forex currency pairs, nine commodities, eight indices and an ever-growing range of stocks. Examples of the most popular include:
Stocks: IBM, Dell, Coca-Cola, BP, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Citi, Yahoo, Caterpillar, Disney, GM, Tesco, Google, JP Morgan Chase, Ford, Twitter
Indices: S&P500, MSM 30, DAX, KL Future, TLV 25, EGX 30, NASDAQ
Commodities: Coffee, silver, cotton, wheat, corn, gold, coffee, oil, and copper
bitcoin CFDs are the latest and most popular financial asset today, though it suffered a sharp drop in its value this year.
24option has always been hugely popular for offering the most advanced trading platform.
In addition to the mobile platform, it’s also great to see real-time financial news being piped into the platform courtesy of Google – essential for any trader making decisions in accordance with the news. Decent analytical reports are also produced by the team behind 24option and shared via the trading platform.
We’re still waiting for a demo account feature to be set up, as this is one of the only glaring detraction from the 24option experience, but as accounts are free anyway, it isn’t the end of the world.
Customer Service
There’s really no better place to get started with bitcoin trading or binary options in general, as the customer support on offer is second to none. There’s a rich archive of learning resources for newcomers, 24-hour live chat means round-the-clock points of contact, and local rate telephone numbers mean you won’t be forced to spend too much of your winnings.
At a Glance

Minimum deposit: $300
Maximum bonus: Up to 100% of the amount deposited

Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, AUD
Languages: English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish
Minimum Trade: $20
Maximum Trade: 8,000
Bonus terms: Terms and conditions, trading requirements, bonus agreements
Deposit methods available: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, wire transfers, Skrill, Paypal, and Bitcoin.
Withdrawal methods available: professional Live 4 trading.

In Summary
professional Live 4 trading is A superb CFD broker that has once again proved its commitment to furthering trader opportunities by introducing potentially lucrative online trading.

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